Signature Recipes

Signature Recipes

Healthy Food Recipes at AnnaMaya Food Hall

AnnaMaya Delhi exists to help the indigenous neighbourhood through menus revolving around locally sourced organic artisanal products, for they must be made in India and empower people and places. Great food is just an added bonus. This is our way of breaking stereotypes that revolve around certain health foods – that healthy food is usually not tasty.

Here you will find recipes around select ingredients utilised in innovative and delicious ways, that can be made at home easily. Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice so let’s raise awareness through these healthy food recipes!


Our Chef

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  • Vikram Ganpule

    Executive Chef, Andaz Delhi

    Vikram Ganpule is the Executive Chef at Andaz Delhi. With 23 years of enriching experience across distinctive brands and diverse geographies in the culinary world, Chef Ganpule has carved a niche for himself as a game changer.

  • Manjul Myne

    Pastry Chef, Andaz Delhi

    With over 11 years of distinguished experience in the culinary space, Chef Manjul Myne has joined Andaz Delhi as the new pastry chef.

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