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What does ‘AnnaMaya’ mean?

Derived from ‘Anna’ or the essence of the Earth, AnnaMaya encapsulates water, food grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, ghee and everything else that is required for the human body to survive. AnnaMaya is the Goddess of Food and Magic.



About us

Not only is it one of the best 5-star restaurants in Delhi, the fact that it is open 24/7 makes it a preferred place for late night food in Delhi.


We exist to help the indigenous neighbourhood through menus revolving around locally sourced artisanal products, for they must be made in India and empower people and places. Great food is just an added bonus!

Great food is just an added bonus!

Like This Like That!

Lamb and spinach patty: Each succulent meaty bite melts in the mouth while the timur pepper seasoning tingles the tongue and the onion compote gives a slight sweet relief.

Arugula Salad: The freshest arugula leaves are lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, then mixed with lychee honey dressing. Garnished with Uttarakhand walnuts, cranberry currants and goat cheese, this is one refreshing salad!

Millet Khichdi: This gluten free alternative to rice is low in carbohydrates and full of vitamin A. It’s sunshine yellow appearance will surely bring a smile to your face before you devour this healthy meal!

Awards & Recognition

Indian Restaurant Congress Awards 2017 

Best Multi Cuisine Restaurant of the Year

We would like to thank all you beautiful souls for being our constant support system from the time we opened till today. We are humbled by the overwhelming response and are excited to see our family grow!

Events at AnnaMaya

Navratri Thali at AnnaMaya

We present our Navratra Special Thali which is unlike any other as it is curated by our in-house vegetarian specialist – Mahider Maharaj.

So come over and enjoy this meal from 21st to 29th September 2017 from 11.30 am to 11.30 pm at INR 1180/-.