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Media Coverage

They all love AnnaMaya!

What made the #1 Himalayan Raw & Fine Restaurant in India bag its title? - cntraveller

AnnaMaya seemed like a natural fit for the top spot of the Himalayan Raw & Fine Ranking—a selection of 10 special restaurants chosen from the 50 finest restaurants in the country for their use of fresh, local produce and healthy recipes that result in a superior sensorial experience. Read More

Awesome New Artisanal Place In Town! - EATTREAT

This one is for all those who appreciate elements of design and artisanal produce. Read More

Celebrate art and creativity at the India Art Fair 2019 with delicious bites from Annamaya Delhi - Hospibuz

The food is local, organic and natural. It’s simple & yet so flavourful. Read More

Enjoy An Organic & Flavourful Sunday Breakfast At Andaz Delhi - LBB

The award-winning football is the Lounge Hospitality Partner at India Art Fair 2019. Read More

This Restaurant In Aerocity Is Where You Need To Be To Eat Healthy - LBB

We tried the smoked salmon, grilled the tartine, avocado & microgreens sandwich. It was the perfect blend of freshness, protein, micro greens & just the right amount of carbs for lunch! Read More

This Restaurant In Aerocity Does Delish Quick Bites, Desserts & More - LBB

The aloo tikki, it was fresh, crunchy from the outside, and it tasted just like home food. Also, the condiments were generously spread on the bun itself which gave the dish a tangy flavour. I absolutely loved it. Read More

Annamaya at Andaz Delhi: Where food meets magic - Salt & Sandals

But it’s not just the flavors that impress at Annamaya. It is the use of artisanal and organic products that set it apart. Read More

Lazy Sunday All Day Breakfast At Annamaya, Andaz By Hyatt - EAZYDINER

In this bright, airy space, the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed just like its food. Read More

Farm To Table At Its Best At AnnaMaya - Little Black Book (LBB)

From the freshly made focaccia with burrata and sun-dried tomatoes, the salmon and avocado on rye bread toast, and an epic chicken tikka seasoned with cinnamon, their food is the highlight. Read More

Top Healthy, All-Organic food in Delhi - Touristy Trinket

Located at Andaz Hotel in Aerocity, Annamaya is an all organic restaurant with a strong focus on socially conscious eating. A calming food experience that will leave you content yet making you feel like you’re getting lean. Read More

AnnaMaya by Andaz Delhi - Fashioneatista

AnnaMaya, their European hall restaurant is tastefully designed with a relaxed European aesthetic in mind. The color of the stained glass windows is well balanced by the earthy furniture and cutlery. Read More

Check Out This Crazy Giant Monster Freakshake At This Awesome New Artisanal Place In Town! - EatTreat

We got into the hood of Chef Alex’s AnnaMaya and the Juniper Bar at Andaz Delhi to discover an entirely new way of dining. From your soups to your desserts, everything in Andaz has a deeper meaning. Read More

Annamaya, Andaz hotel - DilliFoodJunkie

I was totally mesmerized by their interior! Its done so beautifully that you won’t feel like leaving this place. It is surrounded by hand painted glass windows which successfully makes the place look astonishing and gives the place a kind of feel which you’d have never felt before- extremely serene. Read More

Top 5 Navratri Platters In Delhi NCR (AnnaMaya) - EazyDiner

Make your Navratri fasting a lip-smacking affair at AnnaMaya where a Marwari style Navratri Thali, curated by in-house vegetarian specialist Mahinder Maharaj, is up for grabs. Read More

Top 5 Brunches In Delhi That Will Make You An Instagram Star (AnnaMaya) - EazyDiner

Food hall AnnaMaya, which pays homage to locally-sourced ingredients, has on offer the Lazy Sunday Breakfast/Brunch that is on from 6.30 am to 4.00 pm, every Sunday Read More

AnnaMaya & Andaz Spa, Andaz Hotel, Aerocity - Style Highness

Inspired by vibrancy and flavors of India, the hotel’s new European-style food hall, AnnaMaya is breaking culinary stereotypes. Read More

AnnaMaya (Eat that dessert!) - The Hindu

Gordon Galea, the pastry chef at AnnaMaya, Andaz, Delhi, says that it’s possible to make these a part of a dessert that has nutritional value: nuts, fruit, complex grains, dairy and dark chocolate. Read More

AnnaMaya: Locally Sourced Ingredients Served in a European Style Foodhall - Appetising Tales

If you like a restaurant with a story and the food to have some meaning besides being delicious, AnnaMaya is the place for you. Read more

Chef Alex Moser and the Art of Constant Arrival - National Geographic Traveller India

With AnnaMaya, Moser and his colleagues decided to tackle that challenge head-on, working only with local produce (with very little exception) and set up a European-style food hall to showcase Indian ingredients. Read More

On Your Way To The Airport With No Food In The Wee Hours Tonight? - DforDelhi

AnnaMaya is the only Anna in town who helps you enjoy some indigenous neighbourhood sourced artisanal products cooked to perfection. Read More

A restaurant in Delhi where every ingredient tells a story - DailyO

When you go to AnnaMaya, you don’t go for just another meal, but also to feel good about what you are eating. Read More

Gin Tasting and Dinner at Andaz, Delhi: An enriching Experience - IndianFoodFreak

Annamaya, was again different in theme and concept. It’s like a food hall wherein you can eat and shop with lovely aptly priced souvenirs on display. Read More

How AnnaMaya Gives You the Reason to Visit New Delhi Aerocity - Travel+Leisure

AnnaMaya Foodhall has specialties inspired by the flavours and diversity of India, made with native artisanal ingredients. Read More

Eat local, shop artisanal - India Today

There’s a spot in Delhi where mindful eating is the mantra and dishes reflect the rich heritage of Indian ingredients and grains. Read More

Vegan options at AnnaMaya in Delhi - Plant Shift

The biggest factor, which made us decide to take the time to find out what they could serve, was the staff.  Read More

We Tried The Monster Shakes At AnnaMaya And This Happened! - Whats Hot Delhi

It all started with a short glass and went on to become the most massive shake, we’ve ever set our eyes on! Read More

Slurp up some crazy over the top freakshakes at AnnaMaya Delhi - SoDelhi

Our favorite organic food restaurant, AnnaMaya is here with its crazy freak shakes menu and we can’t even explain how amazing they look! Read More

AnnaMaya – Andaz Delhi by Lost Bandar

Walking into Hyatt Andaz is like visiting a flea market; where you can try amazing food, learn more about new recipes during your interactions and take few ingredients home. Read More

AnnaMaya Delhi - Yummraj

What I loved was the passion with which the guys were taking the brief and making the dish with best effort. Rarely seen at breakfast buffets as most places put the junior most people at these counters who gravitate towards bland masala omelets. Read More

AnnaMaya: German Chef with 'Make in India' Vision Creates a Winner Restaurant with Food Stories to Tell - Indian Restaurant Spy (Sourish Bhattacharyya)

When you go to AnnaMaya, you don’t go for just another meal, but also to feel good about what you are eating. Read More

AnnaMaya, A Great Breakfast Trending Conscious Living - Pebble In The Still Waters

The primary focus stays on helping the neighboring communities in one way or the other. And hence the menus revolve around local artisanal products. Read More

Annamaya, finally a Foodhall to get local produce and eat it too - Health Food Desi Videshi

The best thing about Annamaya being it brings regional Indian fresh produce and artisan products for the guests and local customers. There is a food court with Indian and European design elements blended seamlessly, so is the food philosophy that uses local produce to create a world class menu. Read More

Finally, food that thrives on local produce - Hindustan Times

At last, we are getting real food, sourced from our own environment. AnnaMaya, at Delhi’s new Andaz hotel, is a European-style food hall with retail and dining Read more.

AnnaMaya: Modern European Food Hall - Moda Yalda

AnnaMaya named after the “Goddess Of Food” follows the mantra of mindful eating. Most of the ingredients used in cooking are available on the shelves to buy. You can get your fresh breads baked from the organic flour available according to your own likes and dislikes or buy their micro greens. AnnaMaya raises awareness about local small-scale farmers through its food. Read More

You Just Don’t Eat Food, You Eat Stories At AnnaMaya - A Girl With Fork

AnnaMaya is a place where food is served and interesting artisanal produce and items are available for sale.Inspired by the colours and flavours of India, aimed at inspiring guests to “Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness” Read More

A day at Annamaya - Garvita Garg

With a fun, vivid yet minimal décor, this place is divided into various sections such as desserts, beverages, live kitchen & tandoor, and more! Read More

Eat, drink and shop at AnnaMaya – Concept new concept in luxury dining - Urban Escapades

Welcome to Annamaya, the foodhall which opened at the super luxury hotel Andaz. Concept of foodhall where you not just get to eat, but can buy stuff too. The place is huge and the concept of “made in India” makes it more interesting. Read more.

Annamaya @ Andaz - Farm to Fork served in a plush setting -

2017 opened up with a magnificent conjugation of visual appeal and aroma @ the newly launched European Food Hall, AnnaMaya. The food haven @ Andaz inspires guests to “Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness”.  I was floored by the outstanding mélange of healthy and scrumptious food elements that were pleasurable to the senses. Read more.

Popular concept of a food hall comes to India with AnnaMaya - Financial Express

The capital’s newest gastronomic venture, AnnaMaya, at the newly-opened Andaz, is not only in resonance with this vibe, it also heralds the new trend of food halls in the country. What’s more, all ingredients in the kitchen and all products on sale are local, made in India. Read more.

AnnaMaya @ Andaz Dlehi - Fashion Fad

Hyatt Hotels Corporation had the official opening of Annamaya foodhall, marking the first Indian location for the Andaz brand. Celebrating the local culture and unique spirit of neighbourhoods by emphasizing consciously sourced ingredients and local artisanal produce in the uniquely conceived European food hall. Read more.

#MadeInIndia: AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi Aerocity - Pursuitist

When a European-style food hall called AnnaMaya opened earlier this month at the new Andaz Delhi in the fast-developing Aerocity, it seemed not to conform to what’s expected of a hotel’s coffee shop. Read more.

Review: AnnaMaya - AllAboutWomen

Delhiities have a reason to rejoice as AnnaMaya(Anna means Annapurna(goddess of food) and Maya means Magic) have opened up at Andaz Hotel, Aerocity. I am sure many of you must be wondering whats there to rejoice as Delhi and NCR is flooded with restaurants so whats so special about this one? Read more.

#MadeInIndia: AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi Aerocity - Luxpresso

When a European-style food hall called AnnaMaya opened earlier this month at the new Andaz Delhi in the fast-developing Aerocity, it seemed not to conform to what’s expected of a hotel’s coffee shop. Read more.

Restaurant Review: AnnaMaya Delhi - Femina

Ambience: AnnaMaya is the new food hall style eatery that has opened in the yet to be formally launched Andaz Delhi in Aerocity. While the hotel is gearing up to be the next buzzing hospitality destination, AnnaMaya is up and running. Located at the lobby level of the hotel, the first thing that strikes one is a sculpture of a large, luscious pomegranate at the entrance. Read more

Inspiring the vibrancy and flavours of India - Franchise India

Generally when people go to a dining place and ask themselves why they are here? There is no answer to it. AnnaMaya as a concept has all the answers to one’s query. Designed as a European food hall which is inspired by the vibrancy and flavours of India, it is one stop for every socially active customer and foodie. Read more.

Annamaya elicits European Food Hall in Delhi - Wedding Affair

The European food is inspired from the ‘Made in India’ concept, with all products to be made and produced in India, with a socially inspiring story behind the business execution, and their current business module must be socially relevant in order to help communities and their respective environments within India. Read more.