Food Hall

Duck confit
₹ 1,620.00

orange, ginger, sweet tomato dip

Skewered tiger prawns
₹ 1,680.00

saffron, pepper flakes and curry leaves

hot sauce, onions and soft herbs

Ladakh black peas, snow peas and poached egg

with zakiya seeds

with cumin raita

Baked focaccia
₹ 680.00

with melted burrata, smoked tomato coulis

with fragrant chilli sauce

with fire roasted tomato and basil naan

with tomato compote and pecorino cheese

Mashed potatoes
₹ 580.00

with apple and onion compote

with cherry tomato, cucumber and crispy bread

with home-churned butter

Lotus root curry
₹ 680.00

with black and green cardamom

Sweet lime salad
₹ 680.00

sweet lime salad, goat cheese and red cabbage

Tomato salad
₹ 480.00

with fresh amaranth leaves and crispy focaccia

with melon seeds and chili flakes

Creamy amaranth
₹ 580.00

with parmesan shavings

Free range chicken
₹ 1,520.00

with eucalyptus honey, sweet lime, lemon salt

Braised lamb shank
₹ 980.00

with new potato, fragrant spices & marrow sauce

Stewed barley
₹ 880.00

with asparagus and Kashmiri morels

with kumaoni pickles, spiced poppadum, raita

with chili ginger and curry leaves

with skewered cottage cheese, mint and tomato gravy

with chick peas and avocado

Spicy mango curry
₹ 880.00

with coconut and steamed Kerala rice

₹ 680.00

with goat cheese, Uttrakhand wallnuts, lychee honey dressing

with chick peas, currants and soft polenta

with Himalayan honey and black onion seeds

Turkey burger
₹ 980.00

with melted cheese and fried egg

Smoked salmon
₹ 920.00

with avocado and micro greens

with pepper flakes and crusty baguette

Murg makhani
₹ 880.00

slow cooked chicken with creamy tomato gravy and garlic naan

Keema Samosa
₹ 780.00

minced duck, sweet potato, smoky plum chutney

with Himalayan timur pepper, onion compote and creamy mash

with ginger and turmeric

with chilli lime dressing

with Himalayan black salt and lime

chili and mace, tamarind curd

royal cumin masala and crispy fried onions

Penne burrata
₹ 880.00

with smoky tomato coulis

with basil and pecorino cheese

with mint chutney