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best places to eat in delhi - AnnaMaya Food Hall at Andaz Delhi Aerocity



Story of the modern European Food Hall – AnnaMaya

Since childhood, Nikhil Somani had been used to having home grown vegetables thanks to his Ayah. Little did she know at the time that by seeding and nurturing these vegetables at their backyard, she had sown the seeds of something much more magnificent in Nikhil’s mind.

These seeds grew strong roots when he got older and travelled the whole of Europe with his wife and twin daughters. This was because he witnessed sustainable recycling processes, tasted authentic specialties, devoured the freshest local cheese and a lot of other local produce free of chemicals.

This gave birth to the will to come back home and open a food hall that utilises only the freshest seasonal local produce, with a vision to help the society. Thus, came AnnaMaya, a modern European Food Hall named after his daughters – Annapurna and Maya, signifying the goddesses of food and magic and promoting mindful eating, artisanal shopping and raising awareness, making it truly the best place to eat in Delhi.