AnnaMaya Menu

AnnaMaya Delhi exists to help the indigenous neighbourhood through menus revolving around locally sourced organic artisanal products, for they must be made in India and empower people and places. Great food is just an added bonus. Rated among the best 5 star restaurants in Delhi, AnnaMaya is open 24/7 making it a preferred choice for late night food in Delhi.



Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Weekends are not complete without hearty meals. Spend your Sundays with us over brunch and indulge in our ‘Lazy Breakfast Buffet’.

beverages at AnnaMaya Delhi


Be it summer or winter, there is nothing more re-vitalising than quenching your thirst with your favourite drink.

Bar at AnnaMaya


Enjoy AnnaMaya’s celebration of the colours and flavours of India over a couple of drinks from the bar.