Micro Greens

There is a new health food in town and it is grown right here at AnnaMaya Delhi!

Micro greens are the infant version of all vegetable plants that are known to be four to forty times healthier than their mature counterparts. They are usually harvested within 14 days of the seed germination and are consumed at their infancy, a stage at which they have the highest amount of anti-oxidants and nutritional benefits.

At AnnaMaya Delhi, we grow our own micro greens so that our guests may enjoy these zero mile greens at their freshest. They are referred to as zero mile greens because they are grown in coconut coir instead of soil and consume just a minimum amount of water.
Our micro greens wall has been set up by urban farmer Linesh Pillai from Terra Urban Farms, whose aim is to encourage growing of micro greens not just for commercial purposes, but for domestic use as well.

Here fresh cannot get fresher and these kind of organic food products help AnnaMaya achieve its goal of serving the best food in Delhi, offering lots of healthy food recipes to choose from.

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