401 Reasons Mango Bazar at AnnaMaya

401 Reasons Mango Bazar at AnnaMaya

It’s raining Mangoes at AnnaMaya // Mango Bazar

There is no better way to celebrate summer than with mangoes!
We invite you over to join us for our Mango Bazar #401Reason at AnnaMaya celebrating Mangoes (Reason Number 261 to Fall in Love with Delhi) inspired by our book ‘401 Reasons to Fall in Love with Delhi’,

Welcome to the Mango Bazar at AnnaMaya Delhi.

Come over and indulge in the delicious varieties of Mangoes with Mango orchard owner Tariq Mustafa from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. He is coming to your favorite food hall with more than 100 varieties of homegrown mangoes.

Mustafa cultivates the tiny variety called Gala, which has been grown by his family since the time of his great-grandfather, who got it from Peshawar. From Gulab-Khas to Zafraani, experience all at AnnaMaya.

Come and buy some delicious varieties of Mangoes!

This 2-day festival is an amazing opportunity to taste more than 100+ varieties of mangoes at your favorite food hall at AnnaMaya.

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