Teaneer (Handcrafted Nilgiri Tea)

Tea, an age old to go mantra is renowned for it’s uplifting powers; from your mother’s early morning kadak chai, endless cups during hectic work hours or to the relaxing brew after work.

With a mission to provide Tea as good as nature does, Teaneer does a great job of delivering their promise. Their teas are exclusively handmade – from growing & plucking the leaves, to processing & packaging of the same. These teas are made only on sunny days, and are hence processed through natural sun-drying. Some teas are dried through hand pan-firing.

The Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm is carefully maintained using biodynamic input through a combination of traditional moon calendars and scientific data to optimize cultivation.
The Farm is managed by the Nanjan Family and is maintained by college-educated contract workers who are paid Rs. 200-400 per day (US$ 5-6.50 per day), which is much higher than the average Indian daily wage. All these workers are highly skilled and well-versed in biodynamic agriculture.

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