Amaranth Parantha with Kumaoni Pickle

Amaranth Parantha with Kumaoni Pickle

Amaranth Parantha with Kumaoni Pickle
A gluten-free alternative to wheat, amaranth is rich in protein content and is great for boosting bone strength. Not just this, it aids weight loss. So if you’re feeling guilty, about consuming that extra paratha, don’t worry about it as we have got you covered!


01. amarantha flour – 200 gm             02. grated boiled potato – 50 gm
03. salt – to taste                                   04. melted ghee – 20 ml
05. chopped onion – 20 gm                06. chopped ginger – 3 gm
07. chopped green chili – 2 gm          08. chopped coriander – 5 gm
09. yoghurt – 15 ml                                10. warm water – to knead
beaten yoghurt – 120 gm , kumaoni pickles – 30 gm


01. Mix together the above detail ingredients and knead it into a semi-soft dough.
02. Divide the dough into four parts. Knead and then roll them to balls.
03. Flour the rolling board, begin to roll out each ball to a regular parantha size
04. Once done, place the parantha on a hot plate and cook it on low heat while you butter it from both sides at timely intervals.
05. Once the paratha turns golden brown, serve it hot with yoghurt and artisanal pickles from the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.
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