Lazy Sunday Breakfast Specials | Celebrating Mountain Food

Lazy Sunday Breakfast Specials | Celebrating Mountain Food

The heart of AnnaMaya food hall lies in the hardwork of our artisan partners who work at the field/manufacturing centers and at their home-kitchen to bring the spotlight back on those ingredients and flavours that were either forgotten due to the availability of alternate products or were not known enough by the people of India.
We’re here to stimulate socially conscious minds through true stories, artisanal products and experiential education.
And to bring this ideology to life, AnnaMaya food hall in Aerocity will be doing a special Artisan Pop-up every Sunday to highlight certain healthy ingredients from the mountains regions of India, inspiring stories of the artisans behind these products as well as activities that give back to our society.
Every Sunday during our Lazy Sunday Breakfast (a combination of breakfast and lunch)
6:30 am to 4 pm
Lunch & Artisan Pop-up:
Noon to 4 pm.
7th April 2019
Live strawberry jam making by Umang
(About Umang: It’s an organization run by women where more than 1500 women are engaged in improving the quality of their life through sales of food products like honey, pulses, dry fruits, pickles and much more in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand)

14th April 2019
Experience the story of Amaranth grains with a pop-up by C.Green Organic Future Foods.


(About C Green: Mrs. Himanshu Kapoor wanted to provide the healthiest organic ingredients for pure nourishment of her daughter which got her thinking about every mother, or rather a parent, and their need of delicious and honest food for their children. This was the thought that gave birth to C. Green organic – crafted to revive India’s wisdom of rich food heritage.)

21st April 2019
Lazy Sunday Breakfast – Market Edition


C Green Organics, Umang, Original Indian Table, Artisanal Cheese pop-up & Cafe Junyali

28th April 2019
Lazy Sunday Breakfast – Month-end artisanal shop
AnnaMaya food hall is listed among the best places to dine in Delhi and Rated as Top #20 Restaurant in India by Condé Nast India.