Healthy ingredients of the month (September 2018)

Healthy ingredients of the month (September 2018)

Chefs at AnnaMaya are honoured to be a part of the Young Chefs Association (YCA) for Sustainable India, an initiative by Sourish Bhattacharyya. Begining 15 September 2018, we will have two highlight healthy ingredients of the month to support the cause of locally sourced seasonal menus.

The highlight Ingredients for this month
Also known as, a “Fruit of the wise men” Banana is one of the most commonly available and fruit. Be it a dessert, a salad or appetizers, Banana has found its way into the most exotic and sinful delicacies. Besides its tasteful flavor, this fruit has an umpteen health benefits. Its acts as a mood enhancer, provides instant energy and is said to be very good for the stomach.
Sea Buckthorn
The little known ‘Wonder Berry ‘grows in the high altitudes of Himalayas, is a nutrition rich fruit containing over 190 bioactive compounds. Its usage dates as early as 13th centuries in a Tibetan book of healing arts called Sibu Yi Dian.
The Sea Buckthorn is Vital to ‘Collagen’ production, which helps in purifying and improving texture of the skin, hair and nails. These berries also helps in preventing infection, improving sight and slowing the ageing process.

Vazha thandai saar, banana stem, lentil and tomato soup
₹ 580.00
Melon, sea buckthorn lemonade
₹ 220.00

Grilled fish in plantain leaf with essential fresh herbs and coconut
₹ 1,180.00

AnnaMaya is a European Style Food Hall, located at Andaz Delhi in Aerocity. We serve healthy and mindful meals through careful sourcing and using organic artisanal products. AnnaMaya is rated amongst the best 5-star restaurants in Delhi NCR.