Tijara Organic Farm

Tijara Organic Farm

A lot of us dream of being one with nature, but only a few make it come true.

One of those few people is Sneh Yadav – defining the difference between farming and responsible farming by living her dream every day.

Hailing from a family where members knew only two professions – defense services and farming, Sneh decided to pursue her dreams once she completed her post-graduation in plant genetics. This is when she started Tijara Organic Farm in 2011.

With an oath to never use even a pinch of chemical, she began farming at this certified organic farm, which is spread across 10 acres in Rajasthan, along with her husband Col. Tara.

Both of them live their passion by combining ancient wisdom of Vedic and biodynamic farming with eco-friendly modern technology. They run their farm solely on solar and biogas energy. They let nature and soil decide their produce and support more than 15 families, including women run households, by involving them in farm work.

Not just this, they even organise farm visits, farm stays, as well as farm workshops, in order to extend their efforts to achieve sustainability.

AnnaMaya is a proud participant towards these efforts as we share their vision of making their farm an example of sustainable farming and promoting responsible farming as a profession. We do this by utilising their delicious, fresh and organic ingredients that make our food hall one of the best dining destinations in Delhi/NCR.

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