MeeraDi Farm, Majkhali, Uttarakhand

MeeraDi Farm, Majkhali, Uttarakhand

The interiors of Ranikhet, far away from the hustle and grime of the city, house a tangible bliss known as rock salt, production of which wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Mira and the other ladies of the village.

Let’s travel back in time to 10 years ago. A leading environmentalist and organic certification expert from Delhi left everything and moved to the hills to live a life closer to nature and to practice sustainable farming.

Ever since then, he has constantly been working with local communities to preserve local varieties of grains, rice herbs, pulses and much more. Mira and her team are one great example of his collaborative efforts with the indigenous people of Ranikhet.

Together they are trying to bring rock salts, pure and full of nutrients, to a wide market and empowering themselves along the way!

Watch their story below:

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