European Cuisine

European Cuisine

European Cuisine at AnnaMaya Delhi - Best restaurant in Delhi

European cuisine or western cuisine makes for an integral part of the menu at AnnaMaya, since it is a modern European food hall, but each item in the menu pays tribute to the colours and flavours of India.

You will discover an array of European dishes but with an Indian essence that celebrates the local culture. Here burrata is accompanied by basil naan, the skewered prawns are seasoned with saffron, pepper flakes and curry leaves while pakoras are made out of asparagus.

Since salads are an important part of the European cuisine, AnnaMaya hosts a range of salads, made with fresh microgreens from our in-house microgreens farm. Pick from an array of options like tossed young garden vegetables, sweet lime with goat cheese, kale and mandarin salad and much more.

Everything on the menu uses fresh local produce and artisanal products to offer unique flavours while promoting local artisans and their hard work, making AnnaMaya list among the best restaurants in Delhi.